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Olan Welcome & Support Page

Olan is a free software for the design, drawing and viewing of aerobatic sequences.
***NEW VERSION 6.0 *** now 2011 rules and standard download/setup read more...


Super quick start: go to the Installation page. After installation, select the "demos" menu, then read the faq. For manual install, read the faq!


The latest Olan version has many graphical features and mouse support. Even so, you should still be aware that Olan is not a graphics drawing tool. It draws sequences based on a sequence language notation. You don't have to understand the language, but some of its implications are important. Your actions are done on the left panel, where you select base figures, rolls, directions, and "gaps" (line spacing) between figure elements. You can't just draw lines or text anywhere you'd like. The good news is that you can't construct unflyable sequences. Badly drawn humpties and tailslides cannot occur, since figures are kept "valid".

Olan stands for One Letter Aerobatic Notation. At its heart Olan uses letters for figures and numbers for rolls displayed at the top edit box. For example, you can enter the 2004 Sportsman sequence as: o h 2t d 5s j m2 2a 22 - the h is a hammerhead, m2 an immelman(m) with half roll(2) on the top, etc.

To learn more about Olan's language notation please first read these basics. Also check out the reference of Roll Elements and the Base Figures reference. For other help, please read the faq. Olan can also verify a sequence for validity (free & unknowns, IAC & CIVA, all levels), and if it is found OK, then you can be assured the sequnece is fully compliant.

To install, Go to the Installation page. Later, you can download the zip file which contains many sample sequences.

The Olan software is freely available for no charge. The software, language and this web site were designed and written by Michael Golan. For questions and comments see the Contact  page.

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